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Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security


Purpose and Scope

This document lists the required processors (that process personal information) that RainFocus engages to offer select features on the RainFocus Platform.

Optional sub-processors will be used only when certain integrations and apps are requested by the Client, a list of these may be provided upon request.


ProcessorPurpose for ProcessingData Types ProcessedLocation (Country)
API LayerConvert html to PDF via their service PDFLayer
  • Emails
  • Invoices
Adobe LMSProvide training on how to use the RainFocus Platform
  • Name
  • Email
  • IP
  • Training
AWSMajority of cloud hosting is done within this environment. Unless being hosted in IBM by choice.

All data comes through this platform.

United States
https://ipdata.coDetermine an individual's location to enable compliance with applicable data privacy regulations

IP address. And based on the IP address' approximated location (which is usually the internet service provider's externally facing router) the following information:

  • Latitude and longitude
  • Time zone
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Region
  • Languages in the region
  • Country
  • Country calling code
  • Country currency
  • Country flag
  • ASN info (ASN ID, name, domain, route and type)
United States
Intercom(Admin-only) This is for in-app messaging. So if we release a new feature, we can pop up a message telling them about it. We can target the message to a specific page or a specific group of users (such as email domain). Intercom can also send out emails to admin users, but we don't use it for that (yet).
  • Gravatars
  • Full name
  • Time last online
  • Location
  • User type (e.g., user, admin, etc.)
  • Owner (unknown)
  • Email
  • User ID
  • First seen
  • Signed up
  • New admin design
  • Lead category
  • Conversation rating
  • Phone
  • Last seen
  • Last contacted
  • Last heard from
  • Last opened email
  • Last clicked on link in email
  • Web sessions (count)
  • Browser language
  • Language override
  • Browser (e.g., Chrome)
  • Browser version
  • OS type
  • OS version
  • Twitter followers
  • Unsubscribed from emails
  • Marked email as spam
  • Has hard bounced
  • Utm campaign
  • Comments on user's profile from RainFocus personnel
United States
NewRelicPerformance monitoring.

Data contained in logs, such as name, email, IP address, userID, user actions taken (e.g., button clicked, username changed, etc.), etc.

United States
OneTrustData security and privacy GRC, fulfilling DSAR requests, etc.

Only data submitted by clients for data subject requests will be processed by OneTrust

United States
OpsgenieOn-call alerting is done using this tool.

Possibly some client / attendee data recorded in an error or other type of communications.

SalesforceClient facing ticketing system, receive client support requests and responses.
  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Data submitted by clients
United States
SendgridEnable emails to be sent out, on behalf of clients, from the RainFocus Platform. It also enables password resets, MFA, etc.
  • Attendee demographic data
  • Registration information
  • Session and sponsorship interactions.
United States