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Case Studies

Case Studies

Customer Success Studies

From start to finish, RainFocus streamlines and enhances every aspect of your event. Browse our case study library to see how our integrated SaaS platform has delivered results for leading organizations of all sizes.

Trimble Case Study
In-Person Events

Trimble: Uncovering Efficiencies and Powerful Data Year After Year

Learn how Trimble powers its flagship user conference with RainFocus, reaping even greater benefits each time as the team develops more internal expertise and efficiently applies workflows in the fully integrated platform.

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Tyler Success Stories
In-Person Events

RainFocus Case Study: Heather Schneider, Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies' search for flexibility led the company to RainFocus. With RainFocus, the event team is able to provide a more customized experience.

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Ohayon Case Study
Unified Events Portfolio

RainFocus Case Study: Margaret Ohayon, Esri

Esri chose RainFocus to unify its event data with their customer data profile because of the platform’s data-centric approach.

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