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Best Practices

Best Practices

How to Boost Team Efficiency With Event Insights 

6 May 2024 | Heather Pryor | 2 minutes

Mastering Event Efficiency

With budgetary pressures and high expectations from multiple stakeholders, many events teams are looking for ways to work more efficiently while creating memorable attendee experiences. Our newest e-book, Mastering Event Efficiency: Best Practices for Maximizing Your Budget and Delighting Your Attendees, offers a wealth of tips. You’ll find event planning secrets from today’s industry leaders who spoke at this year’s RainFocus INSIGHT 2024 conference.

One key to event efficiency is the smart use of generative AI. Many event teams save time by using these tools to complete analysis, modify copy, transcribe audio, and more. Our e-book explains how these and other uses can streamline mundane processes and allow teams to focus on strategic work that optimizes attendee experiences. 

Efficiency also increases substantially when teams fully put data to use. There are thousands of ways to leverage event data to improve events. As we know, events capture more data about customers and prospects than any other marketing channel, but marketing and sales teams need to receive those event insights in time to act on them. 

When applied strategically, event data helps organizations achieve their goals, including increasing pipeline, retaining more customers, and building brand awareness. Here are just a few of the ways our panelists are using event data most effectively: 

  • Referencing past event data to put together personalized recommendations
  • Building engaging 365-day experiences from popular themes, sessions, and activities
  • Using attendees’ interests and demographics to build connections and bolster existing communities 

You’ll find these tips and many more in our e-book. Download your free copy now!