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Seriously Secure

We understand that a data breach can have a significant impact on your entire event, so we take a proactive approach ensuring all the data on our platform is secure and private.

We Protect Data

Being compliant with information security and privacy regulations is important to us. We have processes in place to identify all regulations and standards that apply to us and our clients ensuring we’re in full compliance.

ISO 27001

RainFocus is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and is audited annually by BSI.


Before launching tools that touch payment data, we ensure that our platform is appropriately secured and compliant with PCI-DSS.


Europe’s privacy law has far-reaching implications for many of our clients. We have an in-house team of privacy experts who assist us in being fully GDPR compliant and respect individuals’ privacy rights.


California’s privacy law impacts many of our customers. Just like GDPR, our in-house team of experts has ensured we are compliant with this regulation.

Other Regulations

Many countries and US states have their own information security and privacy laws. We work with our legal counsel to identify which of these laws apply to us, and we maintain full compliance with all applicable laws.


All data on our platform is encrypted at-rest and in-transit following industry best practices. Highly sensitive data receive an additional layer of encryption, further ensuring it stays protected.

No Crashing Here

A platform that’s unavailable provides no value. That’s why we have mechanisms in place that keep the RainFocus Platform up and running at all times.

Team Effort

With a constantly changing security landscape, we have a team in place keeping us up-to-date and ahead of the curve. We work with our clients, vendors, and employees to identify and address potential security issues.