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We Play Nice With Everyone

Drive better engagement, connect your sales and marketing efforts, and securely conduct business with a single platform.

One Integration Point

Connect once for all of your events.

Bi-directional Flow

Send and receive data from other systems.

Smooth Transitions

Create seamless experiences for your audience.

Yes We Do

Below are a few of the organizations that RainFocus partners with.


Keep your data and processes in place while adding unique streaming capabilities. With RainFocus you can create a consistent experience for attendees by embedding your videos into a dynamic Event Portal.

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Security & Payments

Security and payment integrations are essential to processing payments, protecting attendees’ personal information, and adhering to security regulations.

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Marketing & Sales

Drive pipeline, accelerate marketing conversions, increase sales productivity, boost customer retention, and demonstrate event ROI to executive stakeholders.

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Event Specific

Build out your ideal event experience and incorporate niche technologies without losing out on the value of an all-in-one management and marketing platform.

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Streaming Providers Security and Payments Marketing and Sales Event Specific

A Universal Port for Every Integration

Whether you need to connect your sales and marketing tech stack, offer SSO authentication, process payments, or provide virtual streaming we’ve got you covered.

Unified Data

Provide one secure source of truth for all of your stakeholders and automate your manual data processes once and for all to save time.

Virtual Streaming

Deliver highly-engaging virtual and hybrid experiences to your attendees and exhibitors through the use of session streaming, 1:1 meetings, chat, and Q&A.

Custom Integrations

Leverage the strength of RainFocus Integrations Framework to fulfill your integration needs and create the perfect solution for you and your team.

Secured From Day One

Keep all of your event processes connected with the only platform in the industry that is certified to protect attendees’ personal information and prevent data loss.

Integrate Intelligently

Maximize your event data to improve marketing and sales processes through RainFocus.

How It Works

How it works How it works

"I have just been so excited about automating processes that we’ve never been able to automate before. What a great experience!"

Event Technology Specialist at Emerson