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Keep Exhibitors Happy

The RainFocus Platform allows you to streamline the management of exhibitors, provide powerful self-serve capabilities, and drive value.

Sponsorship Sales

Streamlined Contracting

Never has managing contracts been so simple. We’ve created a robust and flexible workflow for generating contracts, securing acceptance, and automating invoicing. With a secure integration to DocuSign, the process can be completed with ease.

Exhibitor Catalog

Promote Engagement Virtually

Drive engagement for your exhibitors by providing attendees with a dynamic exhibitor catalog that enables them to search for exhibitors by sponsorship type, offering, or other attributes.

Team Management

Self-Management Made Enjoyable

Being the go-between for pass management and exhibitor tasks is a waste of time and results in frustration. So we created a simple way for exhibitors to self-manage passes and bulk registration. Exhibitors can easily invite anyone to attend, manage registrations, and more.

Virtual Booths

Exhibitor Value at Every Event

Whether your event is held virtually or in-person, you’ll connect attendees with exhibitors through the promotion of exhibitor sessions, 1:1 meetings, and interactive spaces where attendees can watch/download resources, chat, and more.

Lead Devices

Exhibitors get more personalized lead data by configuring RainFocus' powerful scanning app to meet their unique needs.

Target Leads

Booth staff will know on the spot whether they're talking to a qualified lead thanks to our target lead profile creation and notifications.

Leads Portal

Help exhibitors make the most of their hard-earned leads and follow-up plans by giving them instant access to their lead data and rich, actionable event insights.

Exhibitor Insights

Celebrate ROI

Knowing how each exhibitor performed is the key to driving resign or upsell. Our Exhibitor Insights present an event performance report when the event begins and real-time updates—see value grow throughout the event and even close next year’s sponsorships before the event ends.

“These are by far the best lead scanners we have ever used at a tradeshow—they are quick, accurate, and allow you to collect so much better information for follow-up.”

Jonathan Symonds

Chief Marketing Officer at MinIO