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Data Without Limits

RainFocus was born to eliminate isolated data silos by creating one single source of truth for physical, virtual, and hybrid events.

RainFocus fuels decision-making with a Global Attendee Profile that will enable you to view behavioral data across your entire event portfolio. Instantly optimize your event insights to inspire action, measure event performance, and demonstrate value.


Access insights to oversee registration, onsite check-ins, room capacities, and more.


Determine the success of your virtual and physical efforts from one central location.


Take advantage of session duration and click tracking to further understand and analyze attendee engagement.

Comprehensive Benchmarks

The first step towards improving your data strategy is knowing what to aim for. Based on a study of 1000+ events across premier organizations, we’ve compiled a standard set of benchmark reports of our clients to use for their events. All clients have access to these benchmarks and are able to compare results, set goals, and know how they are performing against the best of the industry.

Evaluate Overall ROI

Validate your team’s efforts using simplified reporting and dashboards to show stakeholders the ROI and impact of your event.

Visualize Event Operations

Keep track of your speaker and exhibitor task completion, measure session scheduling, and oversee your registration and catalog launches from an intuitive dashboard.

Inspire Engagement Through Data

Use real-time insights to power recommendations and optimize audience engagement for your event.

Measure Sponsorship ROI

Prove event value and resign sponsors by sharing insights and reports on the behavioral data received throughout your event.

Track Event Conversion

Compare and contrast cross-event KPIs such as audience growth, renewal rates, and more with just a few clicks.

"If there is a data point in RainFocus there is also a report that we can use to measure that data point and make sure that what we are planning is in line with our strategy."

Anna Giangregorio

Sr. Digital Marketing and Content Strategy Manager, PTC

Explore the Power of Insights

Every Attendee a VIP

Delight at every touchpoint by crafting the ideal flow, experience, and message for each individual.

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Content is King

Boost content quality, set speakers up for success, and match attendees to the perfect sessions—then watch the rave reviews roll in.

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Keep Exhibitors Happy

Ensure your sponsorship spots become a hot commodity by helping exhibitors maximize their presence, shatter their lead goals, and leave with a better-than-expected ROI.

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Seamless Delivery

Spark meaningful engagement at every event whether they are physical, virtual, or a mixture of both. Our consistent delivery ensure you always get the KPIs you need.

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Whether you’re expecting 50 or 1,000 attendees, launch, manage, deliver, and optimize small recurring events in a fraction of the time with our end-to-end solution.

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