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A Philosophy for Shared Success

We are focused on creating lasting partnerships that empower teams to achieve their full potential.

On-Site Rockstars

We go the extra mile to ensure a great experience.

Dedicated Teammates

We care about your success as much as you do.

Listen, Then Act

We thrive on your feedback to drive improvement.

Our consultative model is designed to ensure clients have the autonomy to drive success while maximizing the value of the RainFocus Platform. Discover how these five steps can change the trajectory of your events.

Align on Expectations

The first step to achieving greater results is knowing the goals, measurement, timelines, and governance of data driving the strategy.

Prime the Innovation Engine

Client teams are empowered to innovate and deliver in a big way by learning how to best use the building blocks and capabilities of the platform to meet their goals.

Design the Optimal Experience

Together, we map out the holistic experiences across each module with recommendations on how to drive your optimal outcomes.

Configure & Launch

Our team and yours come together to configure, test, and deploy your events on the platform; you walk away with knowledge needed to self-manage in style.

Track & Optimize Performance

Proactively manage results with insights tailored to your team and have the confidence to make improvements with the support of our client care team.

"I can’t speak highly enough about the product that the RainFocus team delivers and the professionals behind it. You put the relationship in front of the business."

Patty Townley

Former Director of Technology for Global Events at VMWare