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Customer Success Stories


Virtual Solutions: Registration

How RainFocus joined virtual and live registration data for one direct sales enterprise.

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Personalized Mobile Experiences

Learn how RainFocus’ data-rich platform helped create an intuitive mobile experience for roadshow attendees.

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From Old Code to New SaaS

Learn how RainFocus helped a client move their event portfolio of 600+ events to the RainFocus Platform with ease—and reap the benefits.

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Improving Rather than Importing

How one direct sales enterprise used RainFocus to keep attendee data updated and organized.

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A Better Experience, No Hassle

How VMware utilized RainFocus to deliver a better event experience for speakers.

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A Better Way

Learn how Oracle partnered with RainFocus to streamline their content management process and increased staff effectiveness.

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Team Multiplier

Learn how Oracle was able to host 12 times more events with the same staff through the increased efficiency using the RainFocus Platform.

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From Good to Great

Learn how VMware and RainFocus have turned a solid out-of-the-box product into a dynamic ever-improving solution.

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De-Stress Your Registration

Learn how RainFocus helped a client sell out 30,000 attendees in minutes through registration optimization, a stable platform, and a strong partnership.

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