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Platform Overview

A modern event portfolio requires a flexible platform with end-to-end event marketing and management capabilities. The perfect solution didn’t exist, so we built it from the ground up.

The complete platform

We do more than just check the boxes for event management; our unique platform eliminates the barriers to greater success.

One source of truth

Reduce Your Team’s Workload

With the most extensive list of out-of-the-box integrations in the industry and built-in automation, RainFocus enables you to build your ideal event in a fraction of the time.

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Drive Attendee Engagement in All Forms

Guide the attendee experience from start to finish with personalized portals, Targeted Agendas, meaningful recommendations, networking, immersive gamification, and more.

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All events together
Unify marketing

Stress-Free Content Coordination

Easily source, deliver, and analyze high-quality live, simulive, and on-demand content from one modern and intuitive platform.

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Simplify Speaker Experiences

Allow speakers to manage themselves with access to calls for papers, surveys, insights, and more in a well-organized speaker portal.

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Amplify experiences
Forecast results

Provide Exhibitor Visibility and Value

Streamline leads for exhibitors with world-class virtual and physical booth technology that is optimized for enhanced attendee engagement.

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Eliminate Data Silos

Fuel marketing and sales conversions with a single source of truth for all of your virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

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Scalability with Performance

Explore the Power of the Platform

Every Attendee a VIP

Delight at every touchpoint by crafting and delivering the ideal flow, experience, recommendations, and messages for each individual.

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Content Is King

Boost content quality, set speakers up for success, and match attendees to the perfect sessions — then sit back and watch the rave reviews roll in.

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Keep Exhibitors Happy

Ensure your sponsorship spots become a hot commodity by helping exhibitors maximize their presence, shatter their lead goals, and leave with a better-than-expected ROI.

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Seamless Delivery

Spark meaningful engagement at every event whether they are physical, virtual, or a mixture of both. Our consistent delivery ensure you always get the KPIs you need.

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“I’ve used all the tools that are out there, and I will say that this is truly the best. I can’t speak highly enough about RainFocus!”

Stewart Gold

Executive Producer for Silicon Slopes Tech Summit