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About the Innovation Awards

Each year, our team presents Innovation Awards to teams who demonstrate forward-thinking and excellence in their use of the RainFocus Platform. Past winners include some of the world’s most renowned organizations.


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Why Should I Apply?

Gain Recognition

Winning an Innovation Award sets your team apart as a group of innovators in event technology. As a winner, you will be added to our list of industry leaders and receive a press kit to showcase your accomplishment.

Motivate Your Team

There’s no better way to celebrate the work your team has put in to build and manage a whole portfolio of events than to receive a coveted award. Let us help you acknowledge the praiseworthy efforts your team has made over the last year.

Earn Credibility

Boost your resume by earning one of our prestigious awards. As an Innovation Award winner, you will be respected as someone who is advancing event technology through creativity and dedication.

Event excellence can come in many forms! Here are some of the accomplishments past winners have been recognized for:

Innovative and forward-thinking use of the RainFocus Platform

Good use of data and insights to understand, pivot, and improve events

Merging of offline and online efforts to grow the company and events

Demonstrating efficiency improvements such as saving time or resources

Having a good understanding of attendees to create better experiences

Make a Nomination

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2021 deadline for nominations?

All nominations are due November 21, 2021.

Who can be nominated?

To earn an Innovation Award, your organization must be a RainFocus client. We are looking to celebrate those who have demonstrated excellence in their use of our platform.

When are the awards announced?

We typically announce award winners at our INSIGHT conference. INSIGHT 2022 will be held Feb. 7–9, 2022.

If my organization wins an award and we are unable to accept it in person, how will we receive it?

We would love to see you at RainFocus INSIGHT in person. However, if nobody on your team can attend in person, we will mail you your award after we have held the Innovation Awards ceremony.

When can I apply for 2022?

Good news! Nominations for 2022 will be open at the close of INSIGHT Encore (February 25, 2022).

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Your team deserves to be recognized for your hard work and dedication! Let us know what your team has done this year to innovate and improve your events.

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