Corporate Social Responsibility: Making It Count

In the spirit of the holiday season, let’s talk about giving back. This year, RainFocus staff participated in a volunteer trip to Mexico with A Child’s Hope Foundation (ACHF), an organization that provides long-term support for under-funded orphanages in Bulgaria, China, Mongolia, Ukraine, Peru, South Korea, Haiti and Mexico. Recently, twelve RainFocus employees travelled with ACHF to Mexico, where they visited orphanages around the country.

“Inspire hope and awaken the spirit of both children and volunteers.”

RainFocus staff was inspired by the mission of ACHF. The organization was founded on the idea that it is not enough to simply donate money to orphanages abroad. Many of the communities where orphanages are located require hands-on support and personal relationship building to make a real difference in the lives of the vulnerable children they host. Both the volunteers who travel abroad and the people who send donations from home help to ensure that orphanages are able to provide warm family homes, medical care, and education to vulnerable children.

In Mexico, RainFocus employees contributed to a variety of projects. They spent mornings assisting with construction projects and repairs to orphanage buildings (they were happy to report that they learned all necessary skills on the job and no prior experience was necessary!) In the afternoons, they played sports and other games with the children, forming personal connections with them while having fun.

In addition to making a positive impact in local communities, RainFocus staff also had a unique opportunity to eat delicious regional Mexican food, take lots of adorable pictures, and form meaningful relationships with children and the adults who care for them. The foundation’s mission to “inspire hope and awaken the spirit of both children and volunteers” proved true: staff returned from the volunteer trip inspired and newly invigorated.
That’s why this December, RainFocus chose to give a special holiday donation to ACHF, and we want to encourage you all to do the same!

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, here are three suggestions for steps you can take:

Participating in a service trip

If you’d like to travel and participate in a volunteer trip similar to the one described above, information can be found here: You can organize a group trip or join one that is open to the public. Upcoming trips are heading to various parts of Mexico and other countries.

Make a private donation

You can make a donation to the ACHF Christmas Fund, which sends items to children that make them feel loved and important this holiday season. You can also donate to the ACHF Education Fund, Food for Orphans Fund, or to any of the individual orphanages they support.

Incorporate a donation drive at your company’s holiday event

It’s a great idea to find a charity that aligns with your brand values. There are lots of charities to choose from. If you’re hosting an event or a holiday party, you can up the ante by offering partial or full donation matching. This is a great alternative to traditional raffle events. You might also choose to incorporate donation cards into your swag bags.

Any approach you take towards giving will contribute to a meaningful holiday season!

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